Founded in 2013 by Carlos Campo, Avixual is an architectural visualisation and CGI rendering studio based in north London

Our primary focus and philosophy is to create exceptional images that express the concept and soul of every architectural project. Our work is treated with the same principles as pure architectural photography, where composition and lighting play the most important role

We work jointly with architects, interior designers, real-state investors and creative agencies, adding value to every project and establishing long lasting relationships


The team includes qualified architects and architectural technicians that understand the design process and the subtleties behind it. Reading technical drawings and specifications is second nature. As a result, the team work in an efficient and informed way, focusing on the artistic impact architectural visualisation and CGI rendering



After qualifying as an Architect in 2008, Carlos gained a wide skill base over six years of professional work experience, dealing with small and medium-sized architectural practices. Carlos’ project experience span over a variety of design sectors including commercial, residential, conservation, retail, restaurant, and interior design

In parallel to his studio work, Carlos designed seven private family houses in Spain. This featured a sustainable contemporary design, seamlessly blending with elements that look back to more traditional Spanish architecture

During this time, Carlos developed a strong passion for architectural visualisation and photography, and eventually founded Avixual in 2013