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Architectural CGI

Amazing marketing tool for Developers and Estate Agents

Bring your concepts to life with our photo quality architectural CGI. Architectural CGIs or architectural visualisations are your most persuasive marketing tools. Is your development at the design or construction stage? Creating high impact architectural CGIs or architectural visualisations allows the client or buyer to clearly envisage the end result. We generate striking imagery, ideal for use across all marketing collateral from your brochures and website to construction hoardings. This adds value by strengthening your brand image and encouraging off plan sales.

Every CGI image starts with a vision. This is a collaborative process between what you have in mind and what we think will be the best way to show it. We like to experiment and will always provide you with a range of options. We work hard to think creatively about ways in which we can create alternative perspectives. Drawing the eye in from a more unusual angle. Adjusting the lighting and ambience. These workflows elevate an Architectural CGI image and produce magnificent results.

Architectural CGI Interior Hotel Reception

The production stages of an Architectural CGI

Site Photography – A professional photograph will be taken if we decide from the beginning that a photomontage would be the most effective visual format for you. In this instance, the final Architectural CGI would be based on the existing lighting conditions and composition of the original photograph.

3D Modelling – We create a 3D Model from your CAD drawings or sketches. This where you will be able to see the volumes and masses. A white model without materials will be provided. In the case of a full Architectural CGI, we will start experimenting with the position of the cameras and explore different perspectives.

Texture Mapping – We add the textures of the materials you will like to show in the final Architectural Image. They will affect the final colour and impression of the final CGI image.

Rendering – In our professional CGI software, we add the real material properties such as reflectivity and translucently to the different elements of your design. We then render the final image, that will look like a high-quality photo-realistic image. Illumination is an important part of the CGI rendering process. In the case of a photo-montage, we will be matching the lighting conditions of the original photograph. In the case of a full Architectural CGI, we will explore the most interesting lighting.

Post Production – In this last stage, we manipulate the final tones, colours and mood of the visualisation. In the case of a photo-montage, we make sure the building is perfectly integrated. We adjust the colour balance and brightness of the rendered image to match the existing photograph.

Architectural CGI London

Client satisfaction

We are committed to delivering exceptional 3D architectural images of superior quality. For more information on our Architectural Visualisation services, please contact us on 0235 607 163 or drop us an email at info@avixual.com. Alternatively, please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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