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CGI’s and Architectural Visualisation Images

(CGI’s) Pure CG Architectural Visuals are normally used in the following cases: Interior visualisation images,  exterior visualisation images when it is not possible to take a photograph of the existing context and when a total control of the sun, lighting and position of the cameras are required i.e. for bird’s eye view.

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Used for exteriors; they are a combination of an existing photograph blended with the CGI of the proposed building. In this case, a great photograph is the start of an outstanding image. Our experience and expertise in cityscape and architectural photography makes a real difference.


Accurate Visual Representation (AVRs)

Also known as Verified views, are verified photomontages required by local councils or planners to measure and assess the visual impact of a property development. The principles we follow for their production are in accordance with best practice, the methods described in the London View Management Framework (LVMF) and the latest edition of the Guidelines for Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments produced by The Landscape institute and Institute of Environmental.



If a static image is worth a thousand words, then how about a 24 image/second animation?  A walk-through animation will bring your development to life.


Interior design

When you do not have an interior designer on board, we can include the desired style of furniture and fittings to your building to demonstrate its full potential.


Conceptual architecture

As architects, we can provide conceptual architectural designs to help you explore the possibilities of your site.  We can generate fresh and original ideas to give you direction before engaging an architect for full architectural services. Or provide potential ideas to sell or promote your site, saving you time and money.


Architectural Photography 

We can carry out any photography in house. We are specialists in architectural and cityscape photography. We have broad experience documenting buildings and taking stunning cityscape photographs. For commercial purposes and planning applications, photography is important for photomontages and CGI images. We have the right equipment for this job, full frame cameras, sturdy tripod, specialised tilt and shift and wide angle lenses for architectural photography.