Project Overview: Our team had the privilege of working on a captivating project at the iconic One New Change building in St Paul’s, London. Tasked by Landsec, we were entrusted with creating compelling Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) visuals to showcase both CAT A and CAT B office spaces on the second floor. Our mission was to provide Landsec with powerful marketing tools to attract potential clients and companies interested in this prime office space.

CAT A Visualization: The CAT A visuals represent the empty canvas of the office space, inviting viewers to imagine the endless possibilities. Our team meticulously captured every detail, from the grandeur of the architecture to the play of natural light, to portray the space in its purest form. This imagery serves as a blank canvas, allowing prospective clients to envision how they can customize and transform the space to meet their unique needs and corporate identity.

CAT B Visualization: In contrast, our CAT B visuals present a thoughtfully furnished office layout, providing a tangible vision of how the space could be optimized for productivity and comfort. These visuals showcase various furniture arrangements, innovative design concepts, and even the possibility of adding stairs to connect two floors, enhancing the spatial dynamics and functionality.

Our CGI visuals, characterized by meticulous attention to detail, emphasis on customization potential, functional design solutions, and innovative staircase integration, played a pivotal role in empowering Landsec’s marketing efforts for the One New Change offices in St Paul’s, London.


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