At Avixual we offer professional, high quality Architectural Visualisation and Architectural CGI’s. We are a London-Based Architectural Visualisation Studio specialising in the creation of amazing commercial and residential 3D Architectural images.


Architectural Visualisation (Full CGI) of an office building in Charlotte Street, London

Most of our team are trained architects, and our deep understanding of architecture allows us to produce the best architectural visualisations possible.  We are also passionate photographers. Our professional eye for good illumination and composition, combined with our expertise in in 3D modelling and 3D Architectural Visualisation software, results in outstanding image quality.


Amazing Architectural Visualisations

We produce Architectural Visualisations for Real Estate Marketing and Property Developers, City Planners, small bids or big architectural competitions, or simply to help bring client presentations to life. Our 3D visuals allow Architects and Interior Designers to visualise their work before it is complete.


We cover all 3D visuals from concept through to final detailed images. We also offer Virtual Reality, 360 panorama views and animations.

Client Satisfaction

We promise to deliver amazing 3D architectural images of superior quality. For more information on our Architectural Visualisation services, please contact us by phone on 0235 607 163 or drop us an email at Alternatively, please complete the form below and we will reply within few hours.

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